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Little ones can experience the fun of Go-karts on this smaller track with a Go-kart that is just their size!

Age & Height Requirements and Rules

  • Must be 40” tall or five years old.

  • Wait for the attendant to help you in and out of the kart.

  • Stay seated at all times. 

  • Keep your hands in the kart.

Little Ones Can Race Like the Big Kids!

These go-karts are for small children only! With our Kiddie-Karts, they can get a safe headstart on their driver's test and enjoy the thrill of the open road behind the wheel of their very own go-kart!​

ace in kiddie kart.jpg

Training & Entertaining Your Kids

The Kiddie-karts maintain a safe speed appropriate to your child's age but are still a great way to enhance their motor skills and provide them with lots of entertainment and memories that you can both look back on!

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