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Race your friends like you're on a speedway track!
The big turns and open Go-karts will have you catching air and speed, you'll want to challenge your friends again and again!

Age & Height Requirements and Rules

  • Must be 54” tall to drive.

  • Single rider only. 

  • All loose clothing and hair longer than shoulder length must be secured.

  • Make sure seat belt is secure

  • Break is on left, Gas is on right

  • No bumping

  • Keep hands in kart at all times

  • Remain seated throughout the ride

  • Remain in control of kart at all times

  • Pay attention to the trained track attendants

  • Enter pit area slowly

  • When parking remain seated until all karts come back into pit area and attendant gives the all clear.

  • Do not walk between karts

  • Ride at your own risk

  • Rider must exit after each ride

New Go-karts

New Go Karts were added to our Naskart Go-Kart track in 2020!


Go-kart Racing

Go-kart racing is no joke! Every turn matters on this loop course. Get out front, and stay in the lead, or practice being a good sport. The choice is yours! If you want another shot at the victory lap, you can always race again!

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