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Etiquette Tips for Throwing a Child's Birthday

We want you to have the best kids birthday party at Caddie Shak! We've gathered our best etiquette tips to ensure your child's party goes off without a hitch!

Number of Kids to Be Invited

When determining how many children to invite to the party, we recommend that you allow your child to choose the number of their age, plus one. This works great for toddlers and preschoolers. Remember that this number may double if you have a joint party with a friend or sibling.

For school-age children, if you plan to invite only five or fewer kids, then it's acceptable to just invite them. If you plan to invite over half of their friend group, it's best to invite all of the children within their friend group so no one is left out.

Paper or Electronic Invitations

There is no wrong way to send out a party invitation. Email may be more convenient, whereas a paper invitation can serve as a keepsake. If you choose to send the paper invitations, you can involve your child by letting them pick the invitations, help write them out, addressing and mailing or handing them out, etc.

Regardless of which method you pick to deliver your invitations, be sure to set an RSVP date to ensure you can get an accurate headcount while helping to avoid surprise guests.

The No Gifts Rule

It is perfectly acceptable to note on the invitation that you don't want the guests to bring gifts if that is the case. You can say, please, no gifts, or your presence is gift enough, etc. Don't feel the need to explain to yourself for this choice.

Do I Need to Provide Food?

little girl having her third birthday party

This depends on the time of the party. If you are hosting a party during typical lunch or dinner hours, it is appropriate to have food available to guests. At Caddie Shak, birthday parties include a hot dog and slushie for each child. Plus our snack bar offers pizza, chicken tenders, and more that are perfect for a children's party!

If you have a party in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon, you should consider having foods such as pretzels, chips, fruit, muffins, and veggies for children to snack on. You can set up your snacks at our pavilion, where the children can sit for a break and a snack!

We also recommend compiling a list of any children with food allergies or other special needs to ensure you have food and snack available for them as well.

Opening Gifts Now vs. After the Party

Opening gifts during the party can have negative outcomes causing gift giving to become a competition between the nicest, biggest gifts. This can create feelings of jealousy or feeling left to children who couldn't bring a gift.

When you open the gifts during the party, it shifts the focus from spending quality time with family and friends to materialism, plus it can significantly cut back on your party time.

Also, depending on your child's personality, they may feel anxious opening gifts in front of a crowd. You know your child and guests best, so be sure to choose the best option for your situation.

Should I Give Out Goodie Bags

Fortunately, it is not necessary to give out goodie bags after a child's party. It is a nice gesture for guests, but you don't have to do the common candy and mini toys. You can send guests home with cookies, bubbles, or even an arts and crafts project the child completed at the party. Keep in mind, all guests attending a Caddie Shak birthday party will go home with 5 Free credits on their Fun Card for a future visit to the park.

Thank You Note Tips

Thank you notes are a kind gesture that also helps reinforce gratitude for the gifts received (even if you requested that people do not bring them) and for the presence of your guests. You can also have your child go around thanking guests before they leave the event.

Children who are old enough can be involved in the process of filling out the thank you cards. They can either sign the cards if they are younger or if they are older, they can write the cards out themselves.

Host Your Next Birthday at Caddie Shak!

From Water Wars to Mini Golf, an arcade, Bumper Boats, Go Karts, and so much more, Caddie Shak is a great place to host your child's next birthday party! With our Birthday Party pricing, each child receives arcade tokens, a fun card, food, and five bonus credits to use when they visit us again!

Contact us today to learn more about our kid's birthday parties!


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