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A thrilling kids amusement park ride that is bound to make kids cheer with laughter as they spin around on Tubs-O-Fun!

Kids can control how fast their tub spins by rotating the giant turntable inside their tub!  Kids can choose to spin their tub slowly or fast for a dizzying & thrilling ride experience!

Age & Height
Requirements and Rules

  • Must be 3 years old and at least 42 inches unless accompanied by an adult.  

  • Must stay seated while in motion.

  • Wait for attendant to help you in and out of tubs.

Around We Go!

As this children's amusement park ride rotates, kids can spin their tubs to the delight and excitement of all aboard. This is a great opportunity for kids to work together!

tubs o fun G and Jax.jpg
tubs o fun Jax.jpg

Interactive Children's Amusement

Caddie Shak encourages children to participate as much as possible.  That's why the majority of the rides we offer feature ways for children to get involved rather than simply just being there without the opportunity for a hands-on fun park experience!

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