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Bungee Jumper

Experience the thrill of Bungee Jumper at our Family Fun Center! Our Bungee Jumper enables you and your child to jump high and perform your greatest tricks safely and without fear of injury. Let your little ones soar to new heights in an experience they won't get from a trampoline at home.

 Requirements and Rules

  • Rules: 1. Weight must be between 30-240 pounds. 2. Must be in good health

  • 3. Listen to and obey employees at all times.

  • 4. Read and obey all posted health warnings and safety signs.

  • 5. Participant cannot be intoxicated.

  • 6. No smoking, alcohol, food or beverages allowed

Win the Fight Against Gravity!

Jump higher and safer than ever before on the trampoline bungee jumper! Hurtle into the air, perform your best tricks, and land safely and confidently before you execute your next move!

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