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Grand Prix Go-Kart Track

Our biggest go-kart race track brings lots of thrills with many twists and turns! 
You'll want to race all your friends again and again! 

Age & Height Requirements and Rules

  • Must be 54” tall to drive.

  • Passengers must at least be 3 years old with the driver being at least 18 years old.

  • All loose clothing and hair longer than shoulder length must be secured.

  • Make sure seat belt is secure

  • Break is on left, Gas is on right

  • No bumping

  • Keep hands in kart at all times

  • Remain seated throughout the ride

  • Remain in control of kart at all times

  • Pay attention to the trained track attendants

  • Enter pit area slowly

  • When parking remain seated until all karts come back into pit area and attendant gives the all clear.

  • Do not walk between karts

  • Ride at your own risk

  • Rider must exit after each ride

New Single & Double Go-karts

Brand new go-karts were added in 2020, and additional karts have been added to the fleet for 2021!

Race by yourself or take someone along for the ride (passenger does not get charged credits).


Our Most Thrilling
Go-kart Track Yet!

This long-lap go-kart track will have you feeling the

g-force around every turn! Just wait for the all-clear signal and hear those tires squeal as you take off and fight for position. Keep the competition friendly, but also keep the competition in your rearview mirrors!

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